• Learning with bettermarks

    Inspires that aha effect

    There are no dead ends with bettermarks. Right from the start, every learning type can find an exercise to fit. Start off with guided exercises, then work step by step through series and topics that get progressively more difficult. The student is never simply left alone – diverse forms of help are just a click away, before, during and after any particular question. If the student still has problems in an area, bettermarks automatically recommends exercises to close the knowledge gaps it identifies. This gives every student the opportunity to learn at their own pace.

Exercises for every ability level

Something to challenge every individual

picto level 01 Learning


For new topics, bettermarks checks whether students understand the basics and gives the option to review them.

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Students are free to work ahead independently, with bettermarks providing mistake-specific support and advice.

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For those who need a greater challenge, bettermarks offers advanced exercises, and tests to solve without assistance.

Tips help students get started

Sometimes you just need a little nudge

learning basics pre en Learning


Before starting, students can read up on and practise the prerequisites.

learning hints pre en Learning


Hints nudge the student in the right direction.

learning dictionary pre en Learning


If a mathematical term is unfamiliar, a hyperlinked definition clears it up with a click.

learning examples pre en Learning


bettermarks provides plenty of calculated examples with full explanations.

Over 100 tools for interaction

More room to think and experiment

A lot of educational programs only offer multiple choice exercises. This puts great limitations on the freedom of learners to make mistakes and experiment. To counter this, we have developed more than 100 different devices for answering and visualising mathematics problems, allowing every kind of mistake while remaining easy to use.

Real-time feedback leads to understanding

Learn from your mistakes

bettermarks does not simply check whether an answer is right or wrong – every submitted input is analysed precisely. Mistakes are rarely the same. Two examples: Has the student calculated an angle in a triangle incorrectly or just mixed up the labelling? Has the student put the vertex of the parabola in the wrong place or have they got the gradient wrong? bettermarks recognises the source of errors and immediately provides appropriate feedback that the student can apply straight away, because every question allows a second attempt. This inculcates a sense of achievement, motivating the students to go further.
  • More than just "right" or "wrong"

    bettermarks recognises when students take the right approach, nudging them onto the correct path.

  • Systematic identification of mistakes

    All user input is analysed for typical calculation mistakes and errors in the approach to problems.

  • Support

    bettermarks reacts to mistakes with targeted customised feedback.

  • Second attempt

    Students always get a second attempt to apply the feedback directly, reinforcing the learning effect.

Multifaceted exercises

Learning to understand

Developing good mathematical thinking requires more than just memorising solution methods. For this reason, bettermarks has exercises that develop more than just the basic skills. The exercises pose mathematical questions from multiple angles and encourage the development of individual approaches and solution strategies. With this method, students develop a deeper understanding and the confidence to master challenging maths problems.

Detailed explanations aid comprehension

Never left in the dark

With bettermarks, every individual problem includes a unique, detailed solution method using the same values as the question. This makes it much easier to grasp how a possible solution could look, and how similar problems can be solved next time they come up.

Recommendations promote individual learning success

Close knowledge gaps

Gaps EN Learning

Students who miss a lesson or forget something can quickly fall behind. Lacking the basics, they have no foundation for the next topic.

How can you learn to calculate interest without a grasp of percentages? How can you learn to take a square root if you don‘t know what “to square“ means?

bettermarks detects these kinds of knowledge gaps from the patterns of mistakes made, and gives students a series of exercises that teach the missing skill.


Read what teachers who use bettermarks have to say

Teachers on bettermarks

uta hansen Learning

Uta Hansen

Teacher / Evangelical school Berlin, Germany

I am completely impressed: with the expertly designed teaching methods and logical organization, plus the clarity in the formulation of the exercises… I have never seen a textbook that offers so much.