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    Adaptive learning for mathematics

    - Over 100 interactive maths books covering classes 4 to 10
    - More than 100,000 questions with explanations
    - Help available for every exercise step
    - Automatic marking and result evaluation

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Here's how it works

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Introduce the topic in the lesson as you usually would.


Give bettermarks exercises to your students.


The students work through the exercises on the computer.


Get the results with the click of a button.

Follow up

Repeat material or move on.



1) Teach: Introduce the topic in the lesson as you usually would.
2) Assign: Give bettermarks exercises to your students.
3) Work: The students work through the exercises on the computer.
4) Evaluate: Get the results with the click of a button.
5) Follow up: Repeat material or move on.



 Example Implementation Techniques

Topics for classes 4 to 10

Over 100 adaptive maths books

  • Expressions and Powers
  • Fractions
  • Data and Probability
  • Decimal Numbers
  • Divisibility and Prime Numbers
  • Functions and their Representations
  • Geometry
  • Integers
  • Linear Equations and Inequalities
  • Mensuration
  • Natural Numbers
  • Proportion, Percentages and Interest
  • Rational Numbers
  • Real Numbers
  • Trigonometry

Complete List of Topics

Learning with bettermarks

Feedback with every mistake

Learning from your mistakes is the path to wisdom. That‘s why bettermarks gives plenty of room for students to make mistakes, and then provides helpful suggestions and explanations as soon as an exercise step is complete. This is a vital part of every bettermarks maths problem.

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Allow mistakes

Much more than multiple choice: Using over 100 interactive tools, students can make mistakes online just as they can on paper.

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Recognise mistakes

Much more than right or wrong: bettermarks analyses answers, recognises the right approach and identifies repeated error patterns.

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React to mistakes

Bettermarks provides immediate feedback with constructive suggestions and detailed, full explanations to allow students to learn from their mistakes.

Learning with bettermarks

Teaching with bettermarks

Clear, comprehensive reports

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Who did their homework?

You can see which students completed their tasks and which students did nothing.

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How well did they do?

At a glance, you can see how much of the exercise each individual student got right.

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Where did they have difficulty?

You can directly see which topics cause which problems for which students.

Teaching with bettermarks

Outstanding teaching and learning

Multi-award winning

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„…for the outstanding quality of the appealing and sensitively designed platform.“

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„Diverse, full of variety, educationally successful.“

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„… for the high educational quality and use of media.“

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