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    Our goal is to improve maths education worldwide.

    Therefore, bettermarks enables personalized maths learning online. The company was founded in 2008 by Arndt Kwiatkowski, Marianne Voigt und Christophe Spéroni and is located in Berlin, Germany. Teachers, content creators and software specialists are working on the next generation learning material.

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Classroom insights

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Students helping students – a participation project

Allowing students to participate more actively in the school day with control over their own activities encourages independence, a stronger group dynamic and a greater sense of belonging to the school as an institution. This was the goal of the “students helping students” project, developed by bettermarks in conjunction with the Heinrich-Mann school in Berlin.

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Starting off on the right foot: involving parents successfully

The Marie-Curie high school has been using bettermarks since 2011. Beginning with three classes in the first year, the school regularly adds new ones. This wealth of experience has given the teachers important insights into how to make the transition to digital teaching material as seamless as possible.

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Students on bettermarks

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12 years old

It is great that everything is explained so thoroughly in bettermarks! In addition, it is really cool to be able to see what you have already succeeded at through your collection of coins and stars.


Learning outcome proven

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Effectiveness and acceptance

1,000 students and 52 teachers from 34 schools took part in the study conducted by the Transfer Center for Neuroscience and Learning (ZNL) at the University of Ulm. The five-week test investigated the effectiveness and acceptance of bettermarks by teachers and students. The result: even in this short time, a significant positive effect was seen across all types of school. The classes that worked with the online learning system showed a more rapid increase in learning and had better test results.

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Top in international comparisons

New online learning platforms for mathematics are being developed worldwide. However, bettermarks is clearly the best according to the 2012 international comparison study Eva-CBTM (Evaluation of Computer Based Training Programs for Mathematics). Among the German and English language products tested, bettermarks was the clear winner in all of the evaluation criteria. The most convincing aspect of the product is the evaluation and assistance system – the heart of any adaptive learning system. This is what enables students to be taught on an individual level.

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Improve marks with bettermarks

120 Students of the European Richard von Weizsäcker high school in Thale (Saxony-Anhalt, Germany) tested software including bettermarks for the Intel® Education Alliance program from January to June 2012. The result: students who studied with bettermarks performed better by an entire class level on average than students who did not take part in the program. The students learned more quickly and the software reduced the amount of work for the teachers.

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Multi-award winning

Outstanding teaching and learning

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digita 2011 & 2012

„…for the outstanding quality of the appealing and sensitively designed platform.“

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Giga Maus 2011

„Diverse, full of variety, educationally successful.“

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Comenius Medaille 2013

„… for the high educational quality and use of media.“

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EdTech 2014

„… the most innovative e-Learning company in europe.“

Scientific advisory council

Expert advisors

Prof. Dr. Martin Stein 280x300px About us

Prof. Dr. Martin Stein

Dean at the Institute of Didactics for Mathematics and Computer Science at the Wilhems-University in Münster.

Prof.Spitzer 280x300px ck About us

Prof. Dr. Dr. Manfred Spitzer

Psychiatrist, psychologist, professor, head of the Transfer Centre of Neuroscience and Learning in Ulm.

Juergen Zoellner 280x300px About us

Prof. Dr. E. Jürgen Zöllner

Senator for education, science and research in Berlin until 2011. Influenced the education policy in Germany as the president of Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs.

daberkow About us

Prof. Dr. Andreas Daberkow

Professor at the University Heilbronn in Baden-Württemberg and coordinator of all university related matters in eLearning and eAssessment.


Parents on bettermarks


Mother of Hannes and Karolin

I find that bettermarks is the best learning platform because it doesn’t have bright and kitschy gimmicks like dragons and space stories that only serve as distractions. It is still fun, genuinely educational, and yet affordable. If parents don’t have the time or skill to invest in explaining math, bettermarks is the very best solution!

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Initiative D21

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didacta Organization

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Microsoft - Partners in Learning

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Intel Associate

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German foundation for numeracy


Experts on bettermarks

bruder About us

Prof. Dr. Regina Bruder

TU Darmstadt, Faculty of mathematics

By continuously using bettermarks, the foundation of math skills needed for successful further learning is “kept alive”. In this way, valuable class time can be used efficiently in a goal-oriented fashion.